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Exterior Home Remodels

Three Ways, Exterior Home Remodels Can Enhance Your Home

A home can improve curb appeal and resale values or give your home a modern facelift. Refreshing your exterior design can help set a new tone in your home. Let Next Stage Design and Build know your vision, and we will help you realize your dream home.

Keep an Eye On Your to-do List

You are not the only one who has ever imagined your home as a modern craftsman trapped in an old colonial house. You can change the look of your home by creating a new front porch or a stone path to your front entrance.

While it’s easy to focus on what you want, think about why you decided to remodel your exterior home. It’s not fun to consider, but there will likely be some maintenance issues that have been overlooked over the years. These items should be your starting point. Then, work your way up to your dream list. Discuss the results with a company specializing in home remodeling in San Diego. A staff member can help you decide what priorities are set for your project.

Check Out the Latest Trends

Are there any trends you have noticed that are gaining popularity online and in your community? You may be able to enjoy your home more if you like bright front doors and lovely landscaping. This will also increase its overall resale price.

It’s essential to maintain a home that feels modern, especially in San Jose, where home buying and selling are competitive. You can make upgrades without having to compromise your taste. These are some ways to make sure your home appeals to potential buyers.

Lighting. Lighting is essential for safety and security as well as style. You can add lighting to your front yard by installing decorative sconces. This will allow you to entertain well into the night. You can also improve your visibility by installing step lighting or front-porch lighting.

Maintenance. An exterior home remodel should include a task that addresses an existing problem. The homeowner may use this opportunity to remove weeds, repair damaged siding or bricks, or power wash the exterior.

Paint, paint, paint. Your remodeling team will assess if it is possible to paint your front door, siding or shutters. This can make the home look more modern without changing the structure. You can also make lighter aesthetic changes to exterior home remodel.

Get Efficient

Going green is a smart move. You can save more energy with a new exterior design. You may be able to cut down on your monthly utility bills by incorporating energy-efficient techniques into your exterior home remodeling. There are many ways to do this.

Smart technology.Smart technology. Homeowners can integrate innovative home technology systems to control light and temperature. These controls can be motion-sensing or timed. You can also manage your smartphone from anywhere to reduce waste. Ask your contractor for information and benefits specific to your home and neighborhood.

Alternative sources. There are more options for homeowners regarding energy sources than ever before. Many cities offer energy choice programs that allow you to choose whether your energy is from solar, wind or water. You can reduce energy waste by installing solar panels if your community does not have one. This often comes with a tax rebate.

You can do it all at once. If your budget and schedule allow, it can be more efficient to work on multiple projects simultaneously. It’s easier to save on shipping material, reduce environmental impact, and live with a remodel only once.

Your home can be customized to suit your needs. This could include a dramatic cosmetic makeover, increasing the square footage of your living area, or a complete transformation. You can find your dream home at one of our seminars or talk to a project developer about your home remodeling goals.