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9 Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Hosting and Entertainment

Do you enjoy preparing for gatherings and parties at home for your family and friends to share? Do you need a kitchen remodel tips and ideas? You’ve probably thought of ways to improve your kitchen to be more suitable for hosting. Renovate your kitchen with entertainment in your mind. This will facilitate cooking, cleaning, and tidying – without the hassle and stress!

If you’re in need of concrete methods to enhance your kitchen space and entertain for a family dinner on a weeknight or a cocktail party or any other occasion You’re in the right spot. Follow this article for modern kitchen remodel suggestions that could alter the game and satisfy your ideal host needs.

1) Focus on Open Concept Design

If you are a fan of design trends you’re aware of how popular open-concept homes are becoming. Similar style is applicable to your kitchen, however it is important to emphasize certain elements in the open layout that allow for comfort. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than feeling uncomfortable during a meal or gathering. Create areas for gathering by using an island or high-bar tables that can break up the space.

2) Update your Appliances

In terms of catering and entertainment, using top of the line energy-efficient appliances is certain to delight your guests. If you’re looking to replace any expensive premium appliances, you might have the opportunity to take advantage of the home warranty program. Most people aren’t aware of how home warranty policies can safeguard expensive appliances from wear and tear caused by entertainment. There’s no need to be concerned about the possibility of accidents as your kitchen is intended to be used and show off! A few examples of premium warranties comprise wall ovens and wine chillers, espresso machines, sub-zero refrigerators, trash compactors, and induction cooktops. If you’re in the market for an upgrade to freshen up your kitchen, there’s no better time than right now. It’s possible to complete the task at a lower cost than you expected.

3) Enjoy Comfortable Seating

One of the most crucial aspects of any gathering at home is seating and ease of use. If you’re updating your kitchen, bear in mind that areas should provide easy seating. Your guests will be able to sit down and relax , if they wish, however they will still feel a part of the occasion. Particularly, in the case of children or family members who don’t like standing for prolonged periods, stylish and functional seating is essential. Think about putting up a counter that has bar seating. It’s a fantastic option that lets guests stand or sit down and not appear to be a part of the conversation.

4) Refresh Your Countertops

If you’re thinking of installing an island or upgrading cabinets, now is the perfect time to look into the possibility of a new, stylish countertop. There are a variety of options of colors, materials and colors you can pick from when you are updating your countertop to brighten up your kitchen . It will create a memorable dining experience. There’s even the option to make use of mixed materials. For instance, wood finish and quartz. Based on the size and shape that your kitchen has, think about some of the well-known countertop materials. Design, function and lifestyle all contribute to the decision, therefore speaking with an Home & Design designer might be beneficial.

5) Use Functional Storage Features

Not only is it crucial for your kitchen to appear attractive, but you also would like it to be a pleasant place for your guests. Cleaning up your kitchen isn’t as simple as it seems, particularly when you’re hosting regular guests and family. Utilizing storage options that are easily accessible will make hosting easy and help you maintain the appearance and feeling of cleanliness. To get you inspired take a look at these creative kitchen storage solutions that you could consider incorporating when you remodel your kitchen. From pull-out cabinets, spice drawers and storage for utensils. There is a solution to fit everything. One feature that is popular to look into is pull-out garbage storage that is elegantly concealed and permits the sorting of trash, recyclables and other trash that you might have.

6) Create a Beverage Station

One of the best ways to stay away from being the bartender for your informal gatherings or parties is to put up an enjoyable and inviting drink station. You could even make a unique cocktail for the evening and prepare it in bulk prior to the event so that guests are able to pour and take the drink! You can go as extravagant as you like in the process of designing your bar. Utilize the beauty of walls by making glass shelves that are joined to industrial pipes as well as a backdrop mirror or a wall-mounted art piece to brighten it up. If you’re an avid wine drinker it is possible to place your bottles on the wall to add some flair. There are many fashionable home bar designs you can create to fit the design of your kitchen and home.

7) You can separate your Cooking & Your Entertainment Area

If you love cooking or let someone who cooks on your behalf, you’ll require the space to prepare. It’s best to consider the space you’ll need when guests are staying in your kitchen. A few ways to incorporate this idea while making your renovation plans is to incorporate an island in between the stove and the remainder of the kitchen area to create a sort of partition. On the other hand on the other side of the kitchen island you could set up a table with snacks that allow your guests to see a place to relax and unwind and not be in the way.

9) Select Mood Lighting & Fixtures

Lighting is crucial in all rooms of your home. It can create a mood. Lights that are brighter near the food preparation area could be beneficial however, you may prefer warmer mood lighting around the table for dinner or wherever guests will gather. Knowing how to properly illuminate your kitchen will help make the look and atmosphere you want in this area. For instance, lighting under the cabinet is now a very sought-after design feature because it is more than just nice! It helps you look up recipes, identify ingredients and provides better lighting to ensure that your food is prepared safely.

It is likely that you will want to install different kinds of lighting throughout your kitchen , the majority are classified into three categories that are task, ambient, and accent lights. Every lighting fixture serves a purpose both for aesthetics and functional reasons therefore doing some study and talking with the designer from Home & Design Kitchen & Bath can aid in choosing the right lights and fittings.

Begin to Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling requires lots of planning and thought when in comparison to other areas of the house. As the kitchen is an integral part of your house and is the most popular place for hosting events and parties It’s only natural that you’d like to get it exactly right. When you think about the most essential elements of your kitchen for entertaining, you’ll be able to start by investing in both design and function for your brand new, modern kitchen.