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Small Bathrooms

How to Create Small Bathrooms

Let’s explore how to design smaller bathrooms. Let’s face it, what percentage of you have an adequate or large bathroom at home? Perhaps that’s not a lot, and as a truth be told, the majority of bathrooms in the average home are rather tiny. When designing our client’s bathrooms, we will always come across numerous issues to take into the consideration of and issues to resolve. Let’s look at some of the design ideas that could assist you in making the maximum use of your space without cutting corners on essentials, yet nevertheless create an illusion of space!

The trick to designing a small bathroom has everything to do with planning. The smaller the area, the more the need to be planned well. So, prioritize what is significant to you. Do not forget the space is required around you to move around and not to strike an item of furniture or other object. This will result in shouting and frustration each time you use the bathroom! Consider carefully the best place to put your sink, toilet and shower, and remember that along with these, you will also need accessories and that they should be considered regarding space as well.

Brassware, Tiles, Units

Make sure you are careful when choosing the tiles. Make sure you choose big plain tiles for your wall, or with a different color for the floor. If you can, stay clear of excessive patterns. If you choose to use patterns use them only for the flooring or walls, and not both since it will make the room appear cramped.

Clean the floor as often as you can. So, if you’re trying to make your space feel bigger, you should consider wall-mounted units. They are also useful for cleaning. Always think about the practical aspects as well!

Furthermore, picking the best brassware can be a big distinction in terms of spatial illusion. In reality, wall-mounted taps and shower mixers with an under-the-counter body can be a great way of lessening visual clutter and making the room appear more spacious.


A major concern with regards to bathrooms and one thing which people tend to overlook is. When you look at the gorgeous images on Pinterest or magazines, and there’s just one tiny bottle of water on display. Actually, it doesn’t look like this. It is likely that you will be stocked with toilet paper packets as well as shower gel, soap bottles, and plenty of other things you require to use on a daily basis. When planning your bathroom, begin to think about how you can make more space, and think about fitting niches or cabinets that conceal the wall studs. Try to find cabinets with drawers or cabinets with various spaces where you can store items and they will not only appear attractive!

In the case of heating, under-floor heating is an excellent solution that is also energy efficient. You can also use towel rails which can be utilized to heat too.

When it comes to securing space most people do not think about doors. A sliding or pocket door could be a great way to make a layout more efficient. If you want to keep your regular door, then be sure to hang it in a way that it is out of the space!

Don’t forget to include an adequate size mirror. This is the simplest method to create the illusion of greater space, and can also help spread the light around.

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