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Hire a Contractor in San Diego

Five Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Contractor in San Diego

These 5 Questions are essential for San Diego homeowners who want to hire a contractor to remodel their kitchen, bathroom, room, addition, full home, or other Home Renovation projects.

Question 1 – Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Contractors will often include their license number on their website or business card. Before you have an in-home consultation, it is a good idea to verify the license. California’s Contractors State License Board provides an online database that allows you to check a contractor license. This includes information such as license, bond, and insurance information.

Question 2 – Are You Able to Provide References?

Talking to a former client is a great way to learn more about a contractor. While many contractors don’t publish their references, they should make it available to potential clients upon request.

We encourage you to prepare questions before calling references. Here are some suggestions:

Was it possible to get what they promised within the timeframe and budget

It was so easy to communicate with contractors and project managers.

How safe and clean did they leave the job site

– Would you ever use them again?

Question 3 – Are You Willing to Put the Details in Writing?

Remodeling involves many moving parts and details. It is important to know what the contractor will do to keep you informed about the progress of the remodel. In addition to the scope of services agreement where job specifications are laid out, make sure the payment schedule as well as the job schedule are part of a written contract. These schedules can be set up and discussed with the client before signing any contract. This will help establish expectations about when the work will be completed. It will save you a lot of time and money by having an informational meeting beforehand to discuss all details.

Question 4 – Who Is Responsible for Obtaining Permits?

The permit allows the building inspector to review and approve the work. The contractor should apply for a permit if necessary. This must be included in the scope of services agreement. Because the contractor is responsible for ensuring that the work is done correctly and according to code, it is important that the permit be obtained by the contractor and not the homeowner. These items should be taken care of by your contractor, not you.

Finally, Will You Provide a Warranty?

The unexpected happens during remodels. You want to ensure that everything is covered for your home remodel. It is not a good idea to have shoddy electrical, poorly constructed cabinets or tile, or hardwood flooring, and poor kitchen design. You should ensure that the company you choose for your project covers the work of their subcontractors and employees.

– Is the contractor willing to stand behind their work and offer a warranty?

– What is the warranty’s duration?

– What exactly does the warranty cover?

– Is there an additional charge for the warranty?

You can be sure that the Home & Design team will work with you hand-in-hand to answer any questions you may have before you sign anything. Get in touch with us today to start.